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"What is worse than not being human... is to be one"

Far from being his motto, this is, at least, what thinks Jasper everyday when he is reading Kipling's poem watching his slum, from his window. He uses to kill time with his band, imitating the adults caught in techno-racial conflicts and terrorist attacs. But when a Namos - those human-computers that people accused to destroyed the world - appears in front of him, the game turns quickly into a living nightmare.

"You'll Be a Man" is my french thesis project and will be done in traditional animation studio production. This video is only my project animatic (animated storyboard).


Currently on breack



Cécile MARIAN, Victor CHEA

Director and Main animator

Armel OENN


Mathieu DAHAN

Year : 2012

Running Time : ​16:22 min​​

YOU'LL BE A MAN (Animatic)

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