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In Fall 2013, Intel® started targetting Vines social plateform. 

The concept was to mix informative videos about their products among entertaining animations.


Beginning 2014, Noise New York received the artistic responsability of this project and

the vines directions were given to Armel Oenn, along with the creation and lead

of the new animation department and crew of Noise New York Agency.


Thanks Giving

Created on November, 18, 2014 - Posted on November, 27, 2014

Stop Motion, After Effects

Race in Blue 

Created on June, 11, 2014 - Posted on July, 08, 2014

Stop motion - Intern: Sumire Takamatsu

F1 Speed

Created on July, 07, 2014 - Posted on September, 05, 2014

Stop motion - Intern: Heather Meister

Directed by creative agency Noise New York

Executing artist: Armel Oenn



© Intel Corporation

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