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"Magdad City is a slum, the biggest on Terra Secondus, and Bastian is one of its offsprings. Inside this gigantic sea of concrete, life has taken its own wild path, like a tumor dying on itself as the boy grows old. Drugs, gangs war and misery are his usual... But he doesn't really care. All he wants? To have fun... 

And to forget that scum never leaves the slum..."


"The Butterflies Blossom" is an fictional autobiography of Bastian Summers, reporting his life as an outcast inside a slum ruled by drugs quartel, prostitution, and completly ignored by the gouvernment. He knows that he is different but can't really figure out why. And on his own, he tries to find his way to survive and to solve the meaning of the Butterflies Blossom. Until his road came across a gun man named Oracio.


"Lots can be said about Androgynous. Yet, its meaning has changed over the years and societies evolution. From a bad omen in Ancient History to a charming mystery during the Victorian Era, the notion of Androgynous has crossed the ages, facinated writers and artists, questionated philosophers and yet we still try to define it. At the very end, what is an androgynous?"


"The Passion of the Invisible Sex" is a philosophic reflexion on the Androgynous definition, its origines and its impact on human society over our History. 

Written in May 2012, the original edition is in French. An English version is in preparation.


"I took pictures of them, from far, to not distrub them in their shore, facinate by their beautiful misery. They were so alive, they seemed from another world. The wind suddenly blow on us, disturbing our peace. Mirror water, tender leaves, hats and laughter, all flying up in the air, all messed up and free. This is when I saw her. Her long black hair dancing around her. Eerie and gracious, still floundering in the mud. She wasn't even 10."


"My little Asia" tells the story of a war photographer and a young Vietnamese girl, travelling together across Vietnam as they flee the Cold War conflict. 


Written in 2005, the original edition is in French. An English Version is in preparation.

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