It's the middle of night, it's cold, your bus is late; in short, it's the perfect time for some Doritos. Unless some zombies decided another program for you"...

While he is trying to escape from his black and white reality, Eron, a 10 years old imaginative little boy, meets a weird red hair girl that will show him how to open the door of "Pandora"...

What is worse than not being human... is to be one". Far from being his motto, this is, at least, what thinks Jasper everyday when he is reading Kipling's poem watching his slum, from his window...

At the Fontevraud Abbey, there is a tree that can tale you anything you want about the old place he has been seeded... Just sit down against his trunk and listen his story...

An insomnia, an old nagging time clock and 4 AM striking the beginning of a living nightmare where Time will be your ennemy... How far can your fears go?



This animated adventure takes the Harris family all from the familiar streets of Atlanta, to the furthest reaches of the North Pole on a mission to save Santa!

A planet inhabited by eternaly young women, mysterious male Alien invadors ruling over them and four kawai bad girls deciding that's enough. Violence is the rule and they are about to lose controle.

Extracted from the documentary "Les Cendres de Verre" directed by Nat Le Scouarnec, this video was the initial official clip of the song "Les Chemins de Verre".

© 2015 by Armel Oenn. All rights reserved.

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