Year : 2018 

Running Time : ​01:36 min​​

One afternoon, the inhabitant of Polykanten, Toko, Kiko, Riko and their leader Pepo, decide to leave their Wonderverse to visit our world and discover they are the stars of an artistic exhibition. Intrigued, curious and amused they paly with their doubles and causes a bit of a mess in the quiet gallery"


This animated short was made in collaboration with the renowned sculptor NAOYA for his solo exhibition "the Wonderverse of Polykanten", happening in New York Fall 2018. The animation was screen during the retrospective as part of the exhibition.



The Wonderse of Polykanten Gallery

© NOAYA, Onishi Gallery and Oennarts

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Editing and Animation
Armel OENN

Sound Design
Strelok Audio


Thomas Baratt