"One day, humanity sayd: "We stop everything". 20 years after this revolution, society has build itself on a system that no longer needs possession, laws, police or governmentship. Everyone mind their own business, living thier life day to day. But a killer has risen and soils Paris ground with fresh blood. In a world that doesn't hold limit, who will stand up to stop it?"


"The Last Edge" (2008) is a reflection on the movie "The year 01" (1973) by Jacques Doillon, Alain Resnais and Jean Rouch. The film narrates a utopian abandonment, consensual and festive of the market economy and high productivity, covering diverse topics such as ecology, negation of authority, free love, communal living, rejection of private property and labor. Despite a very positive building of the society reconstruction, one of the final note still reveals the delusion of a limitless world, the limit of life itself: death.


"Things happen in one's life. You meet people, you make friends, you have fight and eventualy you fall in love... if you are luky.But sometimes, your mind doesn't go the same way you do."


"Tie Me Down" is a slice of life adventure of an artist living in New York, suffering from a recurent misfortune, a poor sense of judgement and a constant harrasement from her ten other personalities whom only goal is to take over the control of her body. 


Started in 2013, the comic is still on going but has been on hold since summer 2014, due to some technical problem the the author met. The comic will restart in January 2015.


One of Armel Oenn's personal fight is human rights, ecology and social equality. Motivated by the event of Charlie Habdo in January 2015, she sarted a series of political and satiric comics, commenting and giving her point of view of the recent world event. 

"Day 2 Day" can be followed in both french and english on Facebook and will soon be host on it's personal website.


More update coming soon.

© 2015 by Armel Oenn. All rights reserved.

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